Reptile Discovery!

Reptile Programs for Children


This program has been developed specifically for public libraries to be utilized for children’s programming and family nights.

Each program features original stories written by Bruce Shwedick.

“Isabelle and the Tortoise” is the story of a young girl’s adventure in the Amazon rainforest and the many wonderful animals that she encounters. 

“Turkana Kitabu”When Bruce spent a week at Lake Turkana in Kenya’s remote Northern Frontier District he expected to photograph crocodiles, monitor lizards and spitting cobras. He never expected that his guides would be Turkana children. This touching story describes the adventure they shared.

While the story is being read the audience watches slides taken by Bruce during his journey and they listen to recordings of the songs that the Turkana children sang at his campsite on Turkana’s remote Central Island.

 “Banana Boy, the story of the Golden Python” combines a fictional tale of how the first albino python may have been found in Thailand and the non-fiction account of an albino python born and raised in the United States.

Following the reading of each story by Mr. Shwedick the audience meets the reptiles that inspired him to write them.

“Thank you for the wonderful reptile program.  It was educational and entertaining. What a wonderful combination. It was a program for all ages and there were approximately 300 people in the audience last Friday. Emphasizing that the library was instrumental in your educational process was a bonus that we appreciate.”
Mickie Reedy, Children’s librarian, Auburndale Library   Auburndale, Florida


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