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Reptile Discovery

Meet the world’s most fascinating family of animals in a live program presented by Bruce Shwedick. Since 1974, Bruce has shared his fascination and knowledge of reptiles with audiences of all ages in schools and colleges across the country.  He combines an ability to communicate with a skillful and gentle approach for an unforgettable look at the world of reptiles!

The Reptile Discovery program provides an opportunity for audiences to meet, learn about and enjoy members of the reptile family from all over the world. Their natural history, geography and conservation are presented in a manner that students can enjoy and understand. The importance of reptiles in nature is emphasized and their impact on the lives of people is discussed.  The effects of snakebite, snakebite prevention and first-aid are also presented.

Each program specifically includes:

  • A twenty pound Yellow-footed tortoise from South America
  • A thirty pound Alligator snapping turtle
  • A four foot long Rhinoceros iguana
  • A Chinese alligator (Florida schools only)
  • A young Nile crocodile
  • A variety of colorful, non-venomous snakes from North and South America
  • A giant albino Asian python.

Reptile Discovery can meet the needs of any audience or curriculum.  Programs can focus on a particular reptile group or a particular region of the world.

Classroom Activity Worksheets focusing on reptiles in general or the endangered Chinese Alligator are provided for classroom teachers three weeks in advance of the presentation.

“Bruce always emphasizes the importance of using the Media Center to learn more about reptiles.  He is an inspiration to students and has encouraged them to pursue careers that are based on their interests.”
Barbara Dwyer, Family Educator, Janie Howard Wilson Elementary   Lake Wales, Florida

“Thanks again for helping to make Kids’ Day a success”
Vicky Zingaretti, Asst. Parks & Recreation Director, City of Fort Walton Beach

“I wanted to thank you for your presentation of Reptile Discovery at our facility last Saturday.  The animals you selected were a big hit. The staff here is still  talking about Banana Boy. Thanks again for sharing your love and respect for reptiles with us."
Shellie J. Kalmore, Education Curator, Bergen County Zoo.

"I have heard so many positive comments about your presentation yesterday that I wanted to thank you for coming all the way out here for our kids! You and your "friends" made a huge impression on everyone! Even the teachers were still excited"!

Kari Styron, Ocracoke School PTA, Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

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