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Mighty Mike, Florida’s Giant Alligator ©

This educational and interactive exhibit focuses on the ecological and economic importance of the American alligator.  The exhibit features a fourteen foot, eight hundred pound alligator named “Mighty Mike.”  Mighty Mike was brought into captivity in Florida in 2000, after local residents complained about a huge alligator that was frequently seen by their boat dock on LakeTalquin.  Conflict between people and alligators is increasing in Florida, along with the frequency of severe alligator attacks.

 The exhibit includes “When Gators Attack ©” a display of photographs and information designed to promote public safety by informing visitors about the kinds of activities that may expose them to an alligator’s attack. Additional exhibit graphics include facts about the negative impact of the alligator's return to the pet trade, which has resulted in the illegal release of unwanted pet alligators in recreational lakes across the United States.


 A behavioral training program adds an additional element to the exhibit for feeding demonstrations, enrichment and husbandry purposes.  Juvenile alligators, hollow alligator eggs and a “replica” adult alligator skull allow for hands-on visitor experiences and photo opportunities.

 For information about bringing “Mighty Mike, Florida’s Giant Alligator” to your zoological park or aquarium, please contact Bruce Shwedick.  For professional references please return to our main menu.


Fall 2011/Winter 2012

Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ

Spring/Summer/Fall 2012

Newport Aquarium, Newport, KY

Spring/Summer 2013

Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ










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